Dissenter and free-speech

- 2 min

Gab is a social network that emerged in 2017 with the aim of enabling the free expression of ideas on the internet. It is noticeable how some social networks have manipulated their algorithms and disseminated content that does not please them politically.

The social network has already been accused of being a hate speech site, and for this bad reputation, built by social activists across the globe, it has been removed from hosting, payment systems, domain registrars, app stores and several others things. Fortunately, it managed to find suppliers for each one of these areas and is now active and growing.

Everything that happened with this social network indicates an attempt to censor divergent opinions, or those considered "problematic". The answer they gave Gab at each block was “Can't use service X? Make your own! ”. In one of these, Dissenter was born.

The Dissenter was initially built to be an internet comment session. It was just a website and a Chrome extension to be able to comment on anything you want anywhere on the internet, even if the page you're on has blocked comments. As expected, Chrome Store and Firefox Add-ons have banned the extension of their stores.

Because of this, Dissenter became a browser based on Brave (which uses Chromium), which has all the concerns about privacy, support for extensions, in addition to bringing the extension previously blocked by default. Today the browser is a decent alternative to Chrome.

It doesn't matter if you don't agree with the way Gab works on the Web. What matters is to see that there is a restriction of content, which hinders the free flow of information on the Internet.

Think about it: who wins with that? Who watches the watchmen? Is it worth it to control what can be said? And if important information for humanity is censored for not matching the interests of large corporations?

Even if that doesn't make you think for a while, that's fine, let's focus on the lesson Gab has to give us: make a lemonade with the lemons given. Today there are several products that the company made because of these lemons: Trends, Apps, Gab based on Fediverse (incensurable content), browser, comment extension, chat and I believe that others will come.